How it Works!
It's Automated - 5 minutes to set it up, then forget about it
It's Targeted - You will receive only real, live, targeted traffic
It's "Viral" - traffic increases exponentially and automatically!
It's Proven - 1000s of sites already getting millions of visitors

It is easy to get started. Just click on Join for Free and set up your account. It is a one page sign-up process. Just give us some important information such as your website address, a quality text description and how to contact you and you will be given 500 free advertising credits and your own webtrafficgenie account. From that members only account you will have a powerful new and effective way to grow your online business.

After signing up, go to the members area and click on your "Surf Page URL" to see targeted ads that match your area of interest. As you view these ads from your "Surf Page URL" you will earn more advertising credits into your account. Click on links from that "Surf Page URL" to visit other member web sites and earn even more credits - up to 20,000 advertising credits per click thru!

Remember with WebTrafficGenie every credit means that someone with an interest in your targeted subject matter will see your text link and description. Your ads will be shown all over the internet. Additionally, it is important to know that text links are clicked on 9 times more thatn banner ads, so you can rest assured that WebTraggicGenie will work wonders for your online business.

Next, also in the members area you will see a link in the left column that says "Get HTML". Click on that "Get HTML" link and you will be given the specific html coding for your account to cut and paste into your web site to cause a layer ad and/or pop-under to occur - ONCE per visitor (layer ad) and ONCE per vistor ON EXIT in the case of the pop-under. Adding either or both of these pieces of code into your website will grow your online website exposure dramatically! It will ensure that your account and website will receive a steady stream of advertisng credits and website visitors to grow your online business - This is targeted internet exposure at its best! Everytime your layer ad or pop-under loads you will earn extra credits into your account! Additinonally, everytime someone clicks on the links in your layer ad and/or pop-under that will earn you even more credits - up to 25,000 additional credits per click-thru. (One additional note: Layer ads utilize state-of-the-art technology that cannot be blocked by pop-up blockers so that means that webtrafficgenie ads and links will be shown and seen all over the internet!)

Of course at any time you can also simply just purchase as much targeted traffic to your web site as you prefer. Simply click on the link on the left side of the members page that says "Add Credits". You can purchase huge amounts of advertisng credits for very low inexpensive fees. You can even order and direct your purchased targeted traffic to be delivered monthly - It is all automatic!

Be sure to put a link on your website back to using your "Referral URL" which is also found in your members area. That way when others learn about webtrafficgenie from you and your website it will again cause additional advertising credits to pour into your account and add more targeted traffic to be sent to your website. As others sign-up you earn more advertising credits - then when they refer others to webtraficgenie you will earn even more credits - AGAIN for 5 levels deep! There is no better way to handle your viral marketing ad campaign than thru!

Finally, it is important to mention that you can have as many as 10 different urls and text descriptions in your account. That means that from one easily managed webtraggicgenie account you may target up to 10 different ads to as many as 10 different urls! Website marketing and advertising just doesn't get any easier than with Get started today!

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