1. How does it work? Why does it work?
It's Targeted Traffic! You will receive only real, live, targeted website traffic and visitors and this will help you to generate online sales and build your website business.

2. How do I get a user name and password?
Just sign-up and fill in the "Join Now" entry page. Your user name and password will be automatically emailed to you. Be sure that you have your spam filters turned off so that you will receive that email message.

3. When I try to login to the members page it gives me an error message. What should I do?
Make sure that you are using your correct user name and password. The best way to do this is to simply "cut and paste" your user name and password right into the members sign-in text boxes.

4. What is an advertising credit?
Every credit you have, earn or buy is another time that one of your ads will be displayed to their respective targeted audiences across our entire network and web traffic exchange.

5. How can I earn more advertising credits?
There are several ways to acquire credits into your account. 1) Get free credits when you join. 2) Place your webtrafficgenie "referal" link (found in your members area) on your web site and for every person that you refer to webtrafficgenie you will earn more free credits. Then when they refer people to webtrafficgenie.com you will earn even more credits from those referals too - all the way down for 5 levels deep! 3) Place the layer-ad code and/or the pop-under on exit code on your web page. It will only appear once for each visitor and you will earn credits each time it is displayed. When anyone clicks on links in the layered ad or pop-under from your site you earn even more credits! 4) Use your "surf url" (found in your members area) to surf the webtrafficgenie network of other member ads and earn credits while you learn about a lot of great new products, services and websites. 5) Buy credits to load your account with targeted advertising for your website all over the internet.

6. Where are my ads displayed?
When you have available credits in your account, our system will automatically display your ad to their respective targeted audiences. Just make sure that you have your settings correct in your members account area and are using good descriptions. Our system will take care of the rest for you.

7. When I surf the webtrafficgenie network using my surf page, why do I never see my own website ads appear?
T hat is because we programmed it that way! You don't want your ads wasted on you, you want OTHERS to see your ads so they won't show up in your surf pages but they will be seen by other members.

8. I seem to have lost or misplaced my user name and password... how can I get that information again?
Click on the link... Forgot Your Password? and enter your email address.

9. Are other webtrafficgenie members the only people that see my ads?
NO... Absolutely not! Your ads are displayed on other members websites and on pop-unders. The people that are visiting all of those sites will see your ads. Additionally, there are additional partner sites that display your ads on their networks as well. Webtrafficgenie is truly the fast and easy way to get your website known to those people that have an interest in your website subject matter.

10. Can I have multiple webtrafficgenie accounts?
NO... this is against the rules of our system and network. Our system will automatically try to prevent that from occuring on our network. If you are caught engaging in activities that violate our terms and conditions, your accounts and all of your ad credits will be promply deleted without any refunds or further consideration.

11. How many members does webtrafficgenie have in their network?
Currently we have thousands and thousands of active members and our network is growing daily at a geometric rate!

12. Does your system display my banner ads?
At the present time our system will display all ads as text ads. We will be adding banner ads at a later date. It is interesting to note that it is well known that text ads are clicked on 9 times more than banner ads.

13. Can I promote different urls and web sites with my webtrafficgenie account?
Yes of course! From one single members account you can enter up to 10 different urls, text ads and their related web site categories.

14. How do I get the HTML code to put on my web site?
It is easy! Just enter your members area and then click on the text link on the left side of the page that says "Get HTML Code" ... Then decide upon the type of ad you wish to appear from your site (either layered ad and/or pop-under on exit.) Then select the type or category that relates to your web site and the HTML code will magically appear in the text box immediately below that selection. Simply "cut and paste" that HTML code (that appears in that text box) onto your web page whereever you want the layered ad or popunders to work on your website. All layered ads or pop-unders on exit will only appear once per visitor per 24 hour period so you don't have to worry about your visitors seeing the ads too much.

15. I love the webtrafficgenie web traffic system! How can I send you a testimonial?
Just use the contact-us entry form found on our web site at http://www.webtrafficgenie.com . If we like your testimonial we may even use it and place extra links to your web site. Additionally we may even award you a lot of extra free credits just for letting us know and making us feel good for all of our hard work! :-)

16. Where / How do I join the webtrafficgenie traffic exchange?
Just go to the Join Now page immediately!